"As a teacher of “classical riding” I have been a devotee of the Alexander Technique for a number of years. I have seen the benefits not only in the riders but also in the horses as a correctly balanced and aligned rider can remain quiet in the saddle and apply the aids discreetly yet effectively. Working with Chris reminds me that ‘less is more’ and after a session with her my horses always go better yet seemingly with less effort from me. It still staggers me that such small adjustments can make such dramatic changes. My horses and I thank you."

Sue Neville Parker,
Arrow Equestrian Centre

My trainer, Sue, riding her Lusitano stallion Duque

"I began having lesson with Chris at her home. They helped me become more aware of my posture generally and to be more grounded.  It changed the way I do chores involved with horses and the deeper I delved the more I could see how it can benefit all aspects of our lives. We recently moved to lessons on my horse and I’m loving this.  I know from experience that our horse will mirror us and what we do and think will greatly affect how they perform.  I totally trust Chris as a trainer while on or off my horse as I know from the feedback my mare gives me that what she is telling me is making a difference.  Chris is a very welcoming teacher and never makes you feel silly or that something is ‘wrong’ she just gently shows you a different way to think and be.  I’m very pleased I began lessons dismounted first as this meant I had an understanding of the basics first.  As someone who wants to ride my horse to the best of my ability, and also stay fit and well myself, I can highly recommend Chris and the Alexander Technique.  Thank you Chris."

Jayne Forster
Liberty Connections

"I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Chris. Having had some sessions working on my alignment and awareness it was wonderful to combine this with my horse and have a ridden lesson. I was delighted to feel how such slight changes to my posture could make such a significant difference to the way we both moved. Chris is very knowledgeable, caring and approachable and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I'm looking forward to my next session."

Nina Rawstrone

"I have recently had a session with Chris on the Mechanical horse which was a really enjoyable and interesting experience. Chris has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and is very tactful and has an amazing knowledge of the body and how your riding position should be. Her eye for the slightest position change is impressive! If you have any riding aches or pains, or just simply want to improve your position I would highly recommend you try some sessions with Chris - she will pick up on any issues quickly and help you to resolve them."

Emma Hunt Wheeler