Secrets and Benefits

Secrets and Benefits

I've called my tuition 'secrets' because in the equestrian world a lot of this knowledge and way of thinking is not well know, yet the benefits can be enormous - it's the difference between a 'hollow' human compared to one moving in 'self carriage'. The effects on your horse can be equally impressive too!

What would you like to improve?

  • Could your riding position do with a tune up?
  • Do you find it tricky to coordinate giving clear but discreet aids?
  • Are you tense or nervous when you ride?
  • Do you lose balance or get out of sync with the horses’ movement?
  • Do you struggle to be even and straight on both reins?

I can help you with problems like these by teaching you how to restore balance and poise to your system.

Nine Top Balanced Rider Secrets

1) How you balance your head will affect how the rest of you can balance. If you want to improve your seat and back, knowledge of head poise is essential. This becomes obvious when you realise quite how heavy the head is!

2) Determined concentration is detrimental, we need to learn to expand our awareness, to be present and not overly focusing on our goals.

3) You can not take your riding in isolation, how you use yourself when you are not riding is the most influential aspect of what you do in the saddle.

4) A working knowledge of anatomy, or body mapping, is essential as how you believe you are put together will always affect how you move.

5) Pain is a good thing! It is natures way of alerting you to a problem which may be something you are inadvertently causing through incorrect movement patterns, ignore it at your peril!

6) You can not 'do' good balance, this has to be allowed. Using muscles to try and crate more freedom doesn't make sense!

7) Tension is not necessarily bad and relaxation is not necessarily good - what's important is that we have appropriate tone for whatever we are doing.

8) Our bodies are designed to respond to what we think but we can easily get sucked into believing what we feel. Deeply ingrained habits do not allow us to feel the truth of what is happening in movement. An intelligent approach is needed to rescue us from this situation!

9) It's not about being perfect, phew, what a relief! Striving for perfection usually means we get stiff and the joy of riding is somehow lost and nobody wants that!

Balanced Rider Secrets Benefits

These are far reaching and include :

  • Greatly improved riding position and influence on the horse in every moment
  • Improved coordination and ability to give clearer but more subtle aids
  • Greater efficient use of the body - less fatigue and avoidance of injury and strain
  • Improved confidence and response to stressful situations
  • A straighter rider, therefore a straighter horse
  • Appropriate tone through the riders body, not too tense, not too relaxed
  • Improved body awareness
  • Ability to re-balance the horse through the riders body
  • A reawakened and more reliable sense of 'feel'
  • Improved absorption of the horses gaits
  • Tools to overcome back, neck and joint pain and muscle stiffness
  • Improved rider balance results in a better balanced horse, it's a win win situation!